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Do not recruit, better connect! Our classic model for staff recruitment. We connect you with digital minds and do it accurately, effectively and in a timely manner!

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Connecting as a Service

Reliable, cost-effective and tailored to meet your needs. This is precisely what we offer with our new subscription model. Comparable to a job posting, except in this case every candidate that is presented is a good fit.

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Rent a Recruiter

Are you struggling to fill your key positions? Does your team need to grow quickly and are you in need of professional support for a specific period of time? Then Rent a Recruiter is the perfect service for you.

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Our Blog

1. December 2021
When it’ s better to leave a job interview

Yes, you read that right! As an applicant, you also have the right to leave an interview early. Of course, this should not be the rule. In some situations, however, it is better to end the interview early instead of “sitting out” your time unnecessarily. Some companies even find it helpful to get negative feedback ...


11. November 2021
No company should miss out on these four tools

Remote work, coworking, home office and many others are no longer new working models. And our team also has the option of working from anywhere. But without the use of certain online tools, things would probably look very different. So what’s the best way to communicate with colleagues in the office when you’re working from ...


4. November 2021
Why every company should work with external recruiters

External personnel consultancies are advantageous for both companies and applicants. A headhunter deals with application documents all day long and specializes in providing companies with suitable applicants. HR departments of companies, on the other hand, have to take care of many other tasks besides the application process and cannot be experts in every field. A ...


29. October 2021
How to prepare properly for your next job interview

An invitation to a job interview is always great news. But no matter how happy you are, there are of course a lot of do’s and don’ts. What will I be asked at the interview? What is expected of me? And above all, how do I prepare properly? The job interview is the biggest challenge ...


21. October 2021
What “Data Engineering” is all about

The topic of “Big Data” is no longer a new phenomenon, because we are all confronted with it every day and for the most part unconsciously. On social media, when shopping online, or when we talk to Siri on our smartphone. All this data about our behavior is collected, analyzed and evaluated by companies in ...


15. October 2021
How to successfully motivate employees

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” This quote from Aristotle describes quite well why it is so important that we are happy and satisfied with what we do. And this is not only our responsibility, but also that of our employers. Because the way we manage our employees has a big impact ...


8. October 2021
These are your career opportunities in the IT industry

There are many arguments in favor of a career in the IT industry: Excellent future prospects, attractive starting salaries and plenty of job openings. Digitization opens up numerous, diverse job prospects in the IT sector. What exactly do they look like? Find out more here. The developer – programming in focus As a software developer, ...


30. September 2021
How to achieve the perfect work-life balance

Around 73% of employees say they have difficulties balancing their work and private lives. The result: stress, which not only makes people dissatisfied and ill, but also reduces motivation and productivity. The increase in time and performance pressure often leaves less time for private life, which increases physical and mental stress. So what can be ...


24. September 2021
How you can tell whether a headhunter is serious or not

Due to the increasing specialization in the economy, only a handful of candidates can be considered for many positions. This is why a large proportion of companies are increasingly turning to headhunters in their search for suitable top talent. In the last ten years, the personnel consulting industry has roughly doubled in size. This growth, ...


16. September 2021
Increase your productivity at work with just three tips

Who hasn’t experienced this? You start your working day highly motivated and full of energy. But your concentration leaves a lot to be desired. And you’re even working longer than usual today. But just because we work longer doesn’t mean we’re more productive. After a long day at work, have you ever wondered how many ...


2. August 2021
What “Remote Work” is all about

Doesn’t that sound dreamy? Instead of looking at boring office walls, or endless open-plan offices, your gaze wanders to a beautiful beach while you work. In the background the sunset. The sounds of the sea and chirping birds instead of noisy colleagues or the copier. And always with you: laptop and smartphone! You guessed right, ...


8. July 2021
Finding your dream job in the summer slump? It’s really possible!

Summertime has a reputation for being the worst time to apply for jobs and hire. It’s said that job searches are especially tough in July and August. But it doesn’t have to be! Instead of shutting your laptop and putting your feet up, now is your chance to reflect on your current situation and consider ...


8. July 2021
Don’t Recruit, better Connect!

About Us Welcome to our blog, nice to have you here. In case you are wondering who we are, here are some key facts for you: We are Characters Recruiting, a full-service recruiting agency with a focus on IT and Development. Our mission: Matchmaking Characters in digital business. We find the right executive for every ...


8. July 2021
That’s what’s behind the profession “DevOps Engineer“.

In this blog post, we will explain you what’s behind the profession of “DevOps Engineer”. What is it exactly and what qualifications are needed? We have summarized the most important facts about the DevOps Engineer for you. DevOps means… The term DevOps is composed of Development and IT Operations and can be described as the ...


7. July 2021
(Too few) women in IT?

If you still think of IT as technology-loving nerds who work out complex software programs over Coke and pizza, you need to get better informed right away. Agile working methods such as Kanban and Scrum have changed the requirements and thus also the job descriptions in IT. Most companies are now looking for communicative people ...