Connecting as a Service

Reliable, cost-effective, accurate and sustainable

With our new innovative subscription service you get your positions filled by us, but without the usual commission! Come again?

Yes, that is possible. With our subscription program: Connection as a Service!

We must admit that it was a bit difficult for us to give the child a name. After all, when most people hear the word subscription, they immediately think of traps and fine print. But, that's exactly what we don't have. No automatic renewals, no hidden costs.

And here's how it works: You call us and book our "Connection as a Service" subscription for a time frame that suits you best
, e.g. a year in which you want to fill 6 positions. Then we will provide you with perfectly matched candidates for a monthly flat rate, which is significantly lower than the usual commission.

All this is comparable to the price of a monthly job posting.

Why CaaS

With our model, you could increase your own recruitment capacity and get screened candidates, who are a perfect fit for the respective position. This in turn protects you from additional expenses for e.g. LinkedIn Recruiter and Talent Manager from Xing. This alo cheaper than hiring an inhouse recruiter.

Continuous quality

It goes without saying that we apply the same high quality standards to the CaaS model as we do to the traditional placement of our candidates

Cost savings

As we develop a bond through continuous cooperation we can provide our services at a lower overall cost.

Become a part of our recruiting revolution!

Only with us will you get pre-qualified candidates, who fit both your position and your company at the price of a job posting. And all of this without a big administrative burden!

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