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4. November 2021

Why every company should work with external recruiters

External personnel consultancies are advantageous for both companies and applicants. A headhunter deals with application documents all day long and specializes in providing companies with suitable applicants. HR departments of companies, on the other hand, have to take care of many other tasks besides the application process and cannot be experts in every field. A specialized headhunter knows the industry inside out and knows what makes candidates tick, what they are looking for, what they want to earn, where and how to approach them. Therefore, the process from the first contact to the placement is much faster with most headhunters than with the HR department of a company.

Further reasons why it is worthwhile on both sides to think about external recruiters you read here… ­čĹç

Rejections on a random basis
The question about the reasons for a rejection is probably asked by all applicants. What did I do wrong? Was there something wrong with my resume? Was I a perfect fit for the job? And that’s exactly where the problem lies in the application process via HR departments. No matter how good the resume and cover letter are, no matter how well the applicant’s personality fits, in the end it’s often random chance that decides whether an application is accepted or rejected. Of course, this does not apply to all companies, but the majority has too little time and capacity to look at every application in detail. Here, it usually happens that someone from the HR team, for reasons that are not always comprehensible, decides whether to accept or reject the application. Not to mention that many people in companies who are entrusted with personnel selection are not very qualified for the subject and often do recruiting on the side.

This is where external personnel consulting comes into play
It is clear that the successful search for suitable candidates requires more than just placing job advertisements and arbitrarily sorting out application documents. The search for personnel is a time-consuming task that requires a high degree of sensitivity and special recruiting skills. And that’s exactly what recruiting agencies specialize in. A good headhunter establishes contacts with applicants that most HR departments would not have access to without external support. He can distinguish good from bad applications, recognizes whether the personality of the job seeker fits the values of a company and has the possibility to reach even highly qualified professionals who are currently not actively looking for a job. In short: with a personnel consultancy, the entire application process is significantly shortened and made much more target-oriented, because only candidates who perfectly fit the advertisement are suggested.

What should not be forgotten: A headhunter is not a competitor for the HR department of a company, but rather a partner!

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