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1. December 2021

When it’ s better to leave a job interview

Yes, you read that right! As an applicant, you also have the right to leave an interview early. Of course, this should not be the rule. In some situations, however, it is better to end the interview early instead of “sitting out” your time unnecessarily. Some companies even find it helpful to get negative feedback and to learn why they are unattractive as an employer. The following points could be a signal that you should rather cancel your interview:

1. Unacceptable working conditions
If it becomes clear to you during the interview that the job advertisement hides something completely different than you thought, this should be a warning signal to you. High work pressure, poor salary, or safety risks that endanger your health? Here you should not waste time and end the interview early. However, it is important not to jump to conclusions. Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, or the potential new colleagues seem unappealing at first glance, your impression may change at second glance. Therefore, give the interview a chance to revise your opinion.

2. Shameless or disinterested interviewer
If you have the feeling that your interviewer is neither prepared nor has read your application and shows little interest in you, you should not waste your time any further. If there is a lack of appreciation when you first meet, this will usually not improve later on in the job. In rare cases, it can happen that your counterpart asks questions that are not only rude, but also impertinent. At the latest, when the unreasonable limit has been exceeded and every politeness law has been broken, it is time to end the conversation early. If the person you are talking to is merely unsympathetic to you, it is important that you first of all consider why you feel an unsympathy and whether it would be at all relevant for your future employment. Does he or she merely remind you of a person with whom you have negative feelings? Then you should jump over your shadow and not break off the conversation prematurely, but give your counterpart a chance. If, on the other hand, you consider the person to be dishonest or choleric, these could be arguments for breaking off the interview. But here, too, it is important to check whether you will be working with your counterpart at all in the future.

3. Your questions are not answered
Your questions are either not answered at all or only answered in an evasive way? If you still haven’t received a satisfactory answer after the third time, or if your counterpart’s response is questionable, then something is wrong. Because then the HR manager is either poorly informed not only about you, but also about the position, or he/she is deliberately ignoring your concerns.

So how do you break off the interview “correctly”?
Of course, there are many other situations in which it is simply better to leave the conversation early. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be rude. You can also leave a job interview early in a polite way. You never know if you might run into your interviewer again and in which circles you could damage your reputation with a rude exit. Remember to always remain polite so as not to suddenly put yourself in the wrong. Our tips for a confident and respectful termination:

  • Wait until you have the floor and let your counterpart finish first.
  • In a calm tone, ask for an apology for not wanting to continue the conversation at this point.
  • Thank them for the invitation and the pleasant conversation up to that point (even if it was actually unpleasant).
  • Explain briefly that in the meantime you have realized that the company and the company culture do not suit you and that you are therefore withdrawing your application.
  • Do not get into a justification discussion! (ask to respect your decision)
  • Before you leave, thank the company for the opportunity to introduce yourself.

Behave professionally until you have left the company premises: don’t just storm out, but stand up calmly and then leave the room.
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