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28. September 2022

What is a Cloud Architect?

There are a lot of interesting career opportunities in the IT sector, from data engineer to Java developer to product owner. But what is actually behind the job title of Cloud Architect? We have summarized the areas of responsibility, as well as the key facts around tasks, salary, and know-how.

Cloud crash course
In order to understand the job of a Cloud Architect, we will first give you a brief insight into what the cloud, or cloud computing, is all about. In simple terms, cloud computing means that any services can be provided and used via the Internet. Servers, software, platforms, databases, algorithms, and storage space are thus available on demand. This saves companies a great deal of time and expense in operating their own data center. To be able to include all the factors surrounding cloud computing, the Cloud Architect comes into play…

The Cloud Architect in a nutshell
Put simply, Cloud Architect helps companies build or transform their online offerings so that people around the world can use them – using a cloud. For example, when migrating applications or data to a cloud or between different clouds, the Cloud Architect comes into play. He works with administrators and developers to implement the planned architecture. In addition to implementation, he also advises companies on the design, migration, and implementation of cloud-based applications.

The tasks at a glance

  • Integration of cloud-based applications and administration and design of cloud architectures
  • Creating a functioning cloud structure for employees, internal and external customers
  • Constantly following trends and innovations in the cloud environment
  • Understanding the company’s cloud requirements and translating them into viable solutions
  • Ensuring secure cloud-based activities meet the highest performance standards
  • Overseeing current and future space usage
  • Training affected employees on how to best use applications
  • Planning cloud strategies for future use, each taking into account the needs of the business
  • Using migration, visualization, and server management techniques to enhance the organization’s cloud computing services
  • App services, web apps, advanced applications, application storage, and data access.
  • Depending on the business, e.g., AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure or GCP (Google Cloud Platform) solutions
  • Creation of monitoring, management, and business continuity strategies

What a Cloud Architect earns
Of course, the exact salary always depends on the company size as well as location and work experience. However, the average salary is around €67,800 gross per year. As an experienced Senior Cloud Architect, up to €120,000 can be earned later on.

The path to becoming a Cloud Architect
As a Cloud Architect, you should already have extensive IT knowledge: From IT or cloud infrastructures and IT security to software architecture and programming languages to public cloud computing providers. This usually requires many years of professional experience in IT infrastructure or software development. A degree in IT or training in the IT field is also among the minimum requirements. But further education and certificates from Amazon, Microsoft, or Google are also welcome.

Do you have further questions on this topic or are you thinking about a job change within the IT industry? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you and connect you with the companies that suit you!

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