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8. October 2021

These are your career opportunities in the IT industry

There are many arguments in favor of a career in the IT industry: Excellent future prospects, attractive starting salaries and plenty of job openings. Digitization opens up numerous, diverse job prospects in the IT sector. What exactly do they look like? Find out more here.

The developer – programming in focus
As a software developer, you work on the front lines of coding every day. Usually, a developer either becomes a specialist for certain programming languages as well as platforms, frameworks and software stacks, in the front-end or back-end area, or he/she focuses on a broader range of skills and becomes a full-stack developer. So already here you have many different options, from JavaScript Developer, to Data Engineer, to Full Stack Web Developer. By the way, an experienced full-stack developer often takes a decision-making role due to his/her overarching knowledge, which could be the first step into a management position. The job of a developer is therefore suitable for anyone who is interested in programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby or Python, and has the ability to analyze processes and grasp IT interrelationships.

The IT project manager – team leadership and planning in focus
As an IT project manager, you will manage, plan and evaluate IT projects. Your tasks also include keeping track of project costs and ensuring that deadlines and budgets are met. Of course, the affinity for technology and mathematics is the basis for your work, and a career as an IT project manager is often preceded by an entry-level position as a developer or consultant. Nevertheless, it is important to have soft skills such as empathy, a sense of responsibility, good comprehension and coordination. After all, the focus here is not on programming, but on the task of leading a team.

IT consultant – communication talent with customer contact
Another possibility to gain a foothold in the IT industry is the profession of an IT consultant. In addition to developing customized software solutions for customers, an IT consultant is in constant contact with the stakeholders of the respective project. As an IT consultant, you advise and support companies in the introduction or further development of IT systems and provide them with advice as a problem solver. In this way, you quickly gain an overview of typical industry problems, different project management approaches and IT systems. And such a head start in knowledge can form a good basis for the next step in your career.

Of course, there are plenty of other career opportunities in the IT industry. In most cases, it is only in the course of years on the job that it becomes clear what one particularly likes and in which direction one’s own IT career is developing.

If you still find it difficult to get started in the industry, the following questions can give you some rough guidance:

  • Permanent position or freelancer or self-employed?
  • Specialist or management position?
  • Large corporation or family-run start-up?
  • Do you have further questions about your career opportunities, or are you thinking about a job change within the IT industry? Then get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to advise you and connect you with the companies that really suit you!