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2. June 2022

These are the qualities a leader in the tech environment should bring along

In the IT sector in particular, it is becoming more and more important to be able to shape cooperation, because the requirements and areas of responsibility of a manager can vary greatly depending on the industry. Of course, the IT executive should also have a lot of people skills, diplomatic skills and technical knowledge. But which qualities are particularly important in the IT sector? And how do I actually become an IT manager?

The most important soft skills
As an IT manager, you make decisions that have an impact on the company’s performance and usually affect a large group of people. You also assemble and lead project teams, keep track of time and budget, and ensure smooth communication with clients. Since the agile way is increasingly being adopted, you should have knowledge of modern ways of project management, such as Scrum. Contrary to all preconceptions, the communication skills and social and intercultural competence of an IT manager are important in order to meet the current requirements of the industry. After all, with digitization, companies are increasingly acting globally, positioning themselves internationally and having to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. With high-risk and time-limited projects, the daily routine of an IT manager can quickly become stressful. Therefore, the willingness to work irregular or long hours is just as important as organizational skills, knowledge of conflict management, or the ability to motivate employees. For them, it is particularly important in IT projects that the team leader is transparent and predictable. With these qualities, they take away uncertainties and fears from the team and prepare the employees for difficult or stressful phases of a project. Only in this way can IT managers gain the trust of their employees, influence them and successfully implement current IT trends.

The way to the top
IT experts are permanently in demand! Especially those who bring not only technical knowledge, but also the above-mentioned “soft skills”. In addition to the traditional routes into the IT industry through studies, a cross-entry is also possible. Not only computer scientists, but also mathematicians and natural scientists are welcome, especially in IT consulting. Nevertheless, the basic requirements include specialist knowledge, which can be demonstrated by appropriate certificates or professional experience. In some cases, you can even make it to the top of the IT management ladder as a crossover employee. However, this path is less rocky if you have previously completed an appropriate apprenticeship or a course of study. Either way, it is important that you strategically align your application with the help of additional qualifications to be hired for a management position, because a career is impossible without sound technical knowledge. If you also bring the most important soft skills with you, there is nothing standing in the way of your becoming an IT team coordinator.

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