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8. July 2021

That’s what’s behind the profession “DevOps Engineer“.

In this blog post, we will explain you what’s behind the profession of “DevOps Engineer”. What is it exactly and what qualifications are needed? We have summarized the most important facts about the DevOps Engineer for you.

DevOps means…
The term DevOps is composed of Development and IT Operations and can be described as the interface between the two areas. Further, DevOps describes an approach to process improvement in software development and system administration. While this enables faster delivery of high-quality software, it also means that it can only be successful if teamwork is part of the corporate culture and the right conditions for collaboration are created. By the way, you’ll basically meet DevOps Engineers in all industries that support their business processes with software.

That’s what a DevOps engineer does…
Because DevOps is a mixture of the two areas development and IT, the activities in this career field are also very versatile and varied. A DevOps Engineer accompanies the software platforms in a company throughout their entire lifecycle, constantly optimizing their efficiency so that they work without disruptions. Ultimately, companies are interested in reducing development times in programming and thus costs by adopting the Devops philosophy. Devops engineers are expected to look “over the shoulder” of the developers and identify undesirable developments at an early stage.

The most important tasks at a glance:

  • The provision of functioning software platforms
  • The care and maintenance of the software platforms
  • The further development and improvement of the products
  • & Debugging and documentation

Here’s what a DevOps Engineer should be skilled at…
If you want to become a DevOps Engineer, your previous experience can generally be diverse. It doesn’t matter if you have an education as an IT specialist or a degree in computer science or business informatics, the main point is that you bring knowledge in software development as well as in the administrative area.

Important skills are also:

  • Scripting and programming skills
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python and Ruby
  • Know server systems for Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Know-how in virtualization solutions
  • Expertise in development, operations and agility, databases and automation
  • Self initiative and sense of responsibility
  • & of course, a passion for programming and scripting

Salary for a DevOps Engineer…
Salaries for a DevOps Engineer differ depending on the industry. For example, they are slightly higher per month in the logistics, transportation and traffic industries than in the software industry. On average, you can expect a starting salary of 50,000 euros to 54,000 euros annually as a DevOps Engineer. Later, the average salary is between 65,000 and 80,000 euros. If you have a master’s degree, this can be much higher.

Do you have further questions on this topic, or would you like to start directly as a DevOps Engineer? Contact us, we will find the right job for you and advise you personally.