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11. November 2021

No company should miss out on these four tools

Remote work, coworking, home office and many others are no longer new working models. And our team also has the option of working from anywhere. But without the use of certain online tools, things would probably look very different. So what’s the best way to communicate with colleagues in the office when you’re working from home or sitting in a café in Spain? Since the Corona crisis at the latest, there has been a wide range of options for shared time management, video call platforms and online chats. Sometimes it’s not so easy to keep track of everything, and of course every company should find the right solution individually. Nevertheless, we would like to give you an insight into our four “must haves” among the online tools:

1. time management
ToDoist: With this tool, to-do lists can be easily created, shared and sorted. The minimalist design makes the tool seem very “simple” at first, but it is also possible to manage, assign and edit more complex tasks and projects. Other advantages are the easy creation of sub-projects and sub-tasks for a better overview, as well as the prioritization function.

2. communication
Google Hangouts: The communication tool is particularly convincing due to its easy navigation, which nevertheless offers a wide range of functions. We use Hangouts for group and individual chats, for sharing photos and documents, but also for our daily stand-up, or customer meetings, in the form of a video call. In our opinion, accessing the video call is much easier than via Zoom and offers at least as many features.

Monday: We prefer to structure our projects and the respective work packages with the help of the “monday” tool, as this gives us the opportunity to work together on a project from anywhere. Project management is done via so-called boards, which can be divided into three types. Main boards are accessible to all team members. Divisible boards are used to integrate external people, while private boards are only accessible to the person who set them up. Such boards can be created using templates, but they can also be customized. A clear advantage is also the possibility to set up a time tracking function of tasks. This makes it possible to see at any time who is working on what, for how long, and what the importance of that project is. This facilitates accounting processes and also enables better estimation of the workload of future projects.

4. automate processes
Zapier: Here, different web applications can be linked together and actions between the different web apps can be automated. This is done with the help of so-called “Zaps”. A Zap uses a trigger, i.e. a triggering event, in one app to trigger an action in another. The application is flexible and diverse, as is the range of integration options. Creating such zaps is extremely time-saving for us, as it automates manual tasks.

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