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16. May 2022

Job change – quite simple

In our last blog post, we already told you that the shortage of IT specialists is continuing to grow and that the job search these days is almost a bit like dating. No wonder that the motivation of employees to change jobs is also increasing. In 2021, around 41% said they were thinking about changing jobs (Microsoft Work Trend Index 2021). There are a number of reasons for a change: whether it is the working atmosphere, which is simply not to their liking, the unsatisfactory salary, or the lack of challenge in the daily tasks. How companies should behave now in order to not only reach top applicants after the change, but also to keep them, you can find out here.

Now let’s take a look at the other side. When is the best time for candidates to change jobs? And what should be taken into account, despite the large number of offers, in order not to get lost among the other applicants?
Of course, the decision to change jobs is a very individual one. Most employees are guided by their feelings and “jump at the chance” as soon as an exciting position is offered. But caution is advised here. What looks like the right employer at first glance can also turn out to be a flop if the decision is made too hastily. Due to the enormous shortage of IT specialists, many companies lure employees with attractive compensation or a high bonus. But if we’re honest, it doesn’t get us anywhere if the corporate culture doesn’t fit and the tasks are as soporific as in the previous job, does it?

So how and when to find the employer where not only the pay and culture are right, but which also fits 100% to your own wishes?
It’s easy, we’ll help you! Thanks to our broad network, we can find the right employer for each candidate and familiarize you with the corporate culture in advance. We go through the application documents with you, prepare you optimally for the interviews and give you individual tips. And best of all, you will receive constant updates from us on the application process and how things are going.

The right time for a job change is now! So what are you waiting for? Contact us and we’ll find your match.

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