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8. July 2021

Finding your dream job in the summer slump? It’s really possible!

Summertime has a reputation for being the worst time to apply for jobs and hire. It’s said that job searches are especially tough in July and August. But it doesn’t have to be! Instead of shutting your laptop and putting your feet up, now is your chance to reflect on your current situation and consider change. We’ll tell you why now is the right time to apply for a job, and how companies can take advantage of the summer slump.

6 reasons why you should think about a job change right now

  1. Right now, there are fewer applicants than usual. And that could make your application more visible to the company and help you stand out.

  2. Time for your initiative application! The probability that a speculative application will receive attention is actually higher than usual during the summer slump. Recruiters and HR departments receive fewer emails and have more time for your application. In this way, you not only show how interested you are in the company, but also show strength of character: while others are on vacation, you become active. This is guaranteed to be remembered!

  3. The number of applicants decreases, but not the number of job ads. Contrary to what you might think, there are just as many job openings in the summer as in the winter! By the way, job hunting in the summer slump is especially recommended in areas such as tourism, sales or IT. (Click here for our job ads)

  4. The process is shortened – Due to staff shortages in some companies, interviews for an advertised position are packed into the weeks when all responsible persons are present and not on vacation. This can shorten decision-making processes from several months to a few weeks, and you’ll have your dream job faster than ever!

  5. Use the time wisely – The summer slump is perfect for questioning your own satisfaction and looking around for new opportunities. Do you still feel comfortable in your job? Are you happy with the team and with the pay? Or is it time for a change? Jot down your thoughts and goals and use the summer to research companies and jobs.

  6. Optimize documents – Upgrade your resume or LinkedIn profile and take updated application photos. Need help with your application materials? Then feel free to contact us.

Why you should hire new characters in your company right now
Other companies may hire fewer people in the summer because all the people in charge are on vacation. This gives you the opportunity to find the best candidates for open positions. In addition, you can emphasize your job advertisements in the summer slump and thus stand out against other companies. So use the time in your companies to take a close look at the application documents and to get to know the candidates. We are happy to help you!

Do you have any further questions about this topic, or are you looking for an exciting job in the IT sector? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you.