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18. August 2022

3 strategies for companies to find and keep IT talents permanently

In times of digitalization, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to recruit and retain smart IT minds. Yet with the help of a few tips, many HR departments could greatly increase their chances of success in the recruitment process. Here are our top 3 tips for your HR managers….

Increase your outreach and network

When it comes to attracting the attention of IT talents, it’s first important to make an appealing online impression. Accordingly, platforms such as LinkedIN or your own website should be regularly updated and maintained. According to a Stack Overflow survey, most developers first find out about potential employers on social media and other online channels. The content should primarily relate to the company’s own industry, corporate culture and current projects. Another important point with regard to the online presence of a company is the right approach to potential applicants. Be sure to translate your website into English to reach international potential candidates. Only those who make use of the international talent pool will be able to remain competitive in the long term. In 2018, for example, more than 70 percent of the technical workforce in Silicon Valley came from abroad.

Rework job descriptions

Many companies continue to use outdated job descriptions. In the IT sector in particular, it is essential to always keep job descriptions up to date and to integrate current topics such as flexible working hours, remote work, or the use of current technologies into every job posting. Companies should first identify which aspects of the company culture and strategy they would like to emphasize and then match these with the applicants. In the next step, it is important not only to promise these measures, but also to deliver on them. The right working environment is not only necessary to be perceived as an attractive employer by developers, but also to retain existing technical specialists in the company. The majority of IT specialists change jobs every 2.1 years, and just over three quarters of all technical employees are either open to new challenges or actively looking for a new job.

Using the contacts of the tech team and employees

Why not simply ask your own tech team to draw attention to the positions to be filled via social media? This is an authentic and cost-effective way to increase awareness of the position. In addition, companies can use this method to find candidates who would otherwise be hard to find. According to a Statista recruiting study, around 56 percent of companies use recommendations from employees in their search for new staff. To ensure that applications actually reach the right person, the communication channels should be discussed with the HR department in advance.

Of course, there is a whole range of other strategies and options for reaching IT talent. The best? We know these strategies and the easiest and fastest way to help you grow your tech team and improve your recruiting process for the long term.

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